Top 5 Caregiving Stories This Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



Happy Friday! The weeks are flying by as summer approaches. With a school-age child, there is so much end of year activity that it seems like every day and evening is packed. I am going to have to start heeding my advice in my busy week post.


Here are my five favorite caregiver stories this week.


Last Years of Life Better for Socially Active with Social Goals: The title is pretty self-explanatory, but bears repeating and frequent reminders. We seem to think as our parents get older that they don’t need social interaction outside of family. Helping your parent design a social life that fits their needs is important to their physical and mental well-being. I have tips in my post on combatting loneliness.
Caring for Parents When You Are Not Nearby: This article provides practical tips for caring for your parents from a distance. For additional tips, check out my long distance caregiver post.


These 60 and Older Seniors Will Destroy Your Age Stereotypes: This was a fun profile of seniors who do incredible things, regardless of age. You are only as old as you think or feel.


Making the Lives of Seniors Easier – What Family Caregivers Can Do: This article has great tips on ways to make a senior’s daily activities easier with simple tools and tricks. There were several ideas I had never even thought of, such as color coding measuring spoons and cups for those with vision impairment.


Anger Can Set Off a Heart Attack: Last week, when I was at my rheumatologist’s office and she was telling me about a patient who is so angry about his condition that he had vandalized a magazine article she shared with him on sleep hygiene for chronically ill patients. She was sad for him because anger and stress just agitate his chronic condition, increasing inflammation. I found it interesting that I came across this article after our visit since it basically reinforces what she was discussing. For quick stress busters, check out my 3 minute stress busters and 3 minute self-care tips.


Bonus! I couldn’t stop at 5 this week, so here’s one more article I found interesting – Helping a Loved One in Assisted Living Maintain a Healthy Diet: Great advice for ensuring your parent eats a well-balanced diet, even if they aren’t in an assisted living facility. I have some other healthy eating shortcuts if you are looking for more tips.


That wraps up my 6 favorite caregiver stories for this week. In case you missed my posts this week, here they are:

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Have a wonderful weekend!





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