Top 5 Caregiving Stories of the Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



If you celebrate Easter, I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter. If you don’t celebrate Easter, I wish you and your family and wonderful first weekend of Spring!


Here are my five favorite caregiver stories from this week, as well as some of my posts that you may want to revisit before visiting your family.


  1. 7 Daytime Habits to Make You Sleep Better – More than a third of adults don’t get a good night’s sleep. New research shows that what you do during the day can impact how you sleep at night. The article included a few recommendations that were new to me, so hopefully you will discover some new techniques as well.


  1. Wish List of “Rules” for Caregivers from Your Loved One with Dementia – this list is wonderful. I truly believe that anyone caring for someone with dementia should read this. Sometimes, caregivers are so focused on the tasks of caring for a person with dementia that they don’t treat them like a person. This list is a great reminder.


  1. How to Teach Children About Grandparents with Dementia – Many caregivers are part of the sandwich generation – caring for an elderly parent and raising children. It can become more challenging if the senior parent has dementia, as it is a difficult concept for children to understand. This article shares ways to teach children how they can still have a strong relationship with a grandparent with dementia.


  1. The True Cost of Owning a Car Depending on Where You Live The True Cost of Owning A Car, Depending on Where You Live – I spoke to many adult children/caregivers who were trying to get their parents to stop driving and one of the reasons their parents gave for not wanting to hand over the keys was that it would be too expensive to have to pay for transportation. Together, we would total up the cost of insurance, gas, maintenance, car payments and parking to show their parents how much money they could save by using the transportation services available to them. This tool makes it even easier!


  1. Top 3 Family Caregiving Challenges and How to Cope Top 3 Family Caregiving Challenges and How to Cope – This article talks about what happens when you suddenly become your parent’s caregiver – either by moving in with them, moving them in with you or helping them move into a care facility. It provides real solutions to helping you cope with overwhelm, friction and navigating who is in charge.

If you happen to be visiting your parents this weekend, here are my posts on evaluating their home safetyfall preventionmedication and falls and their safety behind the wheel.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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