Top 5 Caregiving Stories for the Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



Happy Friday! I feel like this week flew by. There were a lot of great stories for caregivers this week, so I had plenty of good stuff to choose from. Here are my five favorite stories of the week.


6 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Scammers: This topic is close to my heart as I have seen how trusting many seniors can be and how easy it can be for someone to take advantage of them. I had clients who never locked their front door, hid the key very obviously under a plant in an envelope marked “key,” lent money to caregivers and kept large amounts of cash in their home. This article discusses what can happen and how to avoid it. These two quotes stood out to me:


“Con artists know that senior citizens are a good ‘target’ for fraud schemes because they are most likely to have a ‘nest egg,’ own their own home and have excellent credit.”

“Research reveals seniors lose approximately $36.5 billion each year to financial abuses like scams, health care and health insurance fraud, counterfeit prescription drugs, and reverse mortgage fraud.”


To read more about fraud, you can read my post on avoiding senior fraud.


Managing Conflict About Parents’ Care: It’s hard enough having to step in to care for a senior parent. The only thing that can make it worse is having old rivalries reappear, or disagreeing with your sibling on the way care is managed or on making a care decision. I worked with many families and saw this frequently. This article provides great solutions for managing conflict. You can also check out my post on sibling rivalry for additional tips.


Dealing with Negative Comments – Family Caregiver Quick Tips: I grew up in a big extended family that never held anything back so I am used to handling critique. However, when the critique is on something that is important to me, it’s a lot harder to take. As caregivers, negative comments can come from the person you care for, siblings or other families. This article offers great advice on how to deal with the negativity so that it doesn’t bring you down.


Caregivers: The Problem with Being Strong: This article really resonated with me. I have always been the “strong” one. I remember telling my husband once that the hardest part about being the strong one is that people always assume you are fine and can handle whatever comes your way. I wish it was true, but no one has superhuman strength and emotions. This article was written by a “strong” person and provides insight on the challenge. It was beautifully written.


Caring for the Elderly: Dealing with Resistance: I spoke to so many adult children who were dealing with this issue and I met many clients who were frustrated to be in this situation. No one wants to admit they need help (or at least, I don’t). For many people, there is the age you are and there is the age in your head. They usually are not the same age. I had a lovely 87 year old woman tell me that in her head she was 45 so it killed her to be having balance issues and she refused to use a walker. This article had really great solutions. My two favorites were to offer a trial run and to pick you battles. My parenting philosophy is similar – if it doesn’t kill or hurt anyone, it doesn’t always have to be my way. Hopefully some of these tips will work for you. I also have a post on caring for a reluctant parent that you may want to check out.



That wraps up my five favorites for the week. In case you missed it, here were my blog posts for this week:

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