Three Minutes, Three Cleaning Fake-Outs

Take the 3 minute challenge to make a dent in your to do list.
Take the 3 minute challenge to make a dent in your to do list.



Is your home company ready? I don’t even need to look around mine before answering, nope, not even close. Can I make it company ready in nine minutes? I’m going to try!


If you missed the other posts in this series, I’ve been doing a three minute challenge to see how many items I can knock off my never-ending to do list in small amounts of time. Today I’ll try cleaning fake-outs, to make my home appear company ready in a short amount of time.


These are quick hacks, so you’ll need to set time aside to actually finish the task, otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of bags of things that need to be addressed, so don’t make these your go-to for cleaning.



Three Minute Paper Clutter Buster:

The first thing I notice when I walk into my own home is clutter on surfaces. When I did the trash bag challenge, I was able to get rid of a lot in a short time, so here’s a modified version of it.


Get three bags and set them down next to your mail drop area. The first bag is “trash/recycle,” the second bag is “to file,” the third bag is “to act.” Set your timer and touch each paper once, dropping it into whichever bag applies. The surface will be clear and you can take care of the “to file” and “to act” bags when you have more time.


Hopefully, your paper dumping ground is all in one place so that you only have to do this once!



Three Minute Transport:

Using the same principle but in travelling mode, set your time for three minutes and do a sweep through your main living area, dropping things into a “move to another room” bag and “trash” bag. You’ll quickly get the clutter out of your main living area and can either put the “move to another room” items away now or when you have more time. If you live in a multi-level house, you may want to keep a basket at the top and bottom of the stairs to place items that need to go to the other level in so that you do one drop, rather than going up and down the stairs.



Three minute wipe down:

I don’t usually buy disposable cleaning sheets because they cost more money, outside of sanitizing wipes. However, if you are in a hurry, it is a great way to do a quick clean. If you don’t have disposable wipes, you can spray a paper or cloth towel with an all-purpose cleaning material and run past your newly cleared surfaces. Even if you only do a few surfaces, it’ll give the overall appearance of a clean house and your house will smell fresh.



Do you have quick tips to tackle the day-to-day tasks? I’m finding I’m getting a lot more done now that I set a timer and just do it, rather than setting aside big chunks of time.



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