Best Resources for New Caregivers

Best Resources for New Caregivers


Roundup of Practical Resources and Tips for New Caregivers (or any caregiver who needs help)


Greetings, Caregivers! I’ve been writing one new post a week as I work on some additional projects and eBooks, but I thought it might be fun to do some short round-up posts here and there to help caregivers get as much information as possible, easily. I know how busy you are, so I want to make your research process as easy as possible!


Finding the right information about caregiving is challenging. There isn’t a one-stop shop to where you can find everything you need to know about caregiving (outside of Caregiving Made Easy!). It can be especially daunting for new caregivers who may have just fallen into the caregiving role without much preparation.


If you are struggling to figure out what you need to know about caregiving, here are some of my best posts to point you in the right direction.


Best Posts for New Caregivers

  1. Organization Tips for Caregivers: If you are a new caregiver, I highly recommend getting organized from the start! Save yourself the aggravation of hunting for test results of prescription information by setting up a system before it is too overwhelming. You may also want to consider setting up a medical binder if your caree has a chronic health condition.


  1. Get Caregiving Support: Are you out of luck if your parents live on an extremely tight fixed income and weren’t able to prepare for their golden years? No – there are programs in place that you can explore.


  1. You Don’t Have To Do It Alone: Ideally, you have siblings who you get along with and you all work together to care for your aging parent. Even if you don’t get along, you may still be able to work together for the benefit of your parents. Whatever you do, it is in your best interest to build a caregiving network so that the entire burden of care doesn’t fall on you.


  1. Do Your Research: Know where to turn for caregiving resources. Don’t discount your local senior center as just a place where senior citizens go for lunch or classes. Senior Centers offer a wealth of information and some will even help you fill out the applications.


  1. Understand Your Caree: Yes, you know your loved one well, but you may not understand what he or she is going through emotionally. Understanding where they are coming from will help you be a more patient caregiver.


  1. Get Connected: Join a support group or find ways to connect with other caregivers online. There are many Facebook and Twitter groups for caregivers. You won’t feel so alone if you have other caregivers who know what you’re going through.


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