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Over 80 and Fabulous
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We always focus on what is lost as we age, so I thought I’d do a fun post on octogenarians who are shaking things up, doing cool things. Instead of focusing on what is lost, let’s all focus on what we can do as we age.


I try to remind myself of this regularly, as someone who deals with chronic illness. I can sometimes get bogged down on things I can’t do or on how hard everyday activities can be. When I’m in the right mindset, I remind myself of all of the things that I still do and appreciate the health I have now. No one knows what the future holds, so we may as well make the best of where we are, in every moment.


Over 80 and Fabulous


  1. Betty White – she’s past the octogenarian stage, but I would be remiss if she wasn’t number one on the list. At 94 years young, Betty is still entertaining and fighting for animal rights. She is not slowing down one bit.


  1. Warren Buffet – At 85 years young, this business magnate is still considered to be one of the most successful investors in the world. His opinions and economic recommendations are still highly regarded.




  1. 14th Dalai Lama – At 81 years young, the current Dalai Lama has won a Nobel Peace Prize and still regularly travels the world and speaks on various human rights topics.


  1. Mary Higgins Clark – This 88 years young author is still publishing novels annually. She is active in the mystery writer community and with various organizations that are close to her heart.


  1. Jane Goodall – This 82 years young is a primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and U.N. Messenger of Peace. She still dedicates her time to conservation efforts and travels almost 300 days per year.




  1. Toni Morrison – This 85 years young author has won a Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize in Literature. She published her 11th novel just last year.


  1. Carol Burnett – This 83 years young actress and comedienne still enjoys recurring roles and guest appearances on television, film, and on the stage.


  1. Karl Lagerfeld – At 82 years young, this designer and artist is the head designer and creative director at Chanel and Fendi. He is active in the fashion community and has also directed film and designed residential lobbies.




These are just the famous octogenarians. I’m not even taking into account all the sky diving grandmas, artists, writers, teachers and poets who I have met in my work with seniors. They are all inspirational to me as I look to my future.





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