Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Over 80

Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Over 80


What to Get for the Mother Who Has Everything on Mother’s Day


As our parents age, it can be difficult to come up with a holiday, birthday or Mother’s Day gift that is useful, that they don’t already have and that they have space for, particularly if they are downsizing. Your mom probably doesn’t need another sweater or blouse if she has a closet full of clothes she rarely wears. She also probably doesn’t need another kitchen gadget if she has a fully stocked kitchen.


Here are some gifts that my elderly clients have appreciated from their families, as well as some new ideas to help you find something to make your mom happy this Mother’s Day.


Before you run out and buy something, know that across the board, most every mom I know, from 30 – 100, just wants an expression of love. Whether you send her a heartfelt card or letter, have a heart-to-heart phone call, spend time with her or frame a photo for her, show her you love her. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Moms Who Have Everything


Is there something that your mother has that needs replacing or an upgrade? Sometimes they don’t even realize that they need something replaced. Here are some ideas:


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  • Phone: Is your mom using an old cell phone that doesn’t even hold a charge? Consider getting her a new phone and a certificate for tutoring by you or your child to help her set it up and learn how to use it. If your mom has an old land-line but has a hard time dialing numbers, consider getting her a new phone with large buttons.



  • Linens: I don’t know why, but people have a tough time parting with old sheets and towels. Up until recently, my mom still had towels from when I was growing up. And, truth be told, my husband and I were still using our “wedding” towels we received 11 years ago until very recently. Could your mom use new sheets or towels? This is a great replacement gift since you can get rid of the old to make room for the new, rather than just adding more clutter.

  • Gadgets: Is your mother having a difficult time with her manual can opener due to arthritis? Why not buy her a nice mechanical can opener. Does she enjoy apples but have a difficult time eating them off the core or slicing them? Pick up an apple corer! Are there other kitchen appliances that are difficult for her to use or inefficient for a small household? My parents use a small crock pot when they are cooking for just the two of them, versus the larger one that they use when they are cooking for the entire family. If your parent struggles to reach things from high shelves, consider a home reacher tool.


What other items around the house can you replace or upgrade?



Subscriptions and Restocking:

If your mother is over 80, chances are, shopping isn’t as easy as it used to be. Whether she is still driving or not, it can be difficult to get out and purchase items on a regular basis. Setting her up for a subscription service – whether for practical or luxury items – will be a nice treat for her. Here are some of the possibilities.


  • Food subscription service: Between fruit-of-the-month, CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes, snack food subscriptions or bacon of the month, you should be able to find something that would be a nice treat or necessity for your mom. She’ll enjoy getting a special delivery every month.


  • Luxury subscriptions: Is your mom still into beauty products? Why not sign her up for a beauty box subscription. You can also brighten her home with a monthly flower subscription or, if she still enjoys a glass of wine with dinner, why not get her a wine club membership?

  • Entertainment: You can purchase a Netflix or Hulu subscription for your mother, provided you show her how to use it. You can also get her a Kindle Unlimited subscription so that she can read as many e-books as she’d like each month. This is great for a bookworm who doesn’t have transportation to the library!


If you can’t afford an annual subscription or there isn’t a subscription that would work for your mom, you can always create your own with Amazon Subscribe and Save.



Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mother with Dementia:

If your mother has dementia, it can be even more difficult to find the right gift. Here are some ideas that she will enjoy:


  • Music: Purchase CDs or load an iPod with your mom’s favorite music. Music has been known to shift moods, manage stress-induced agitation and stimulate positive interactions.


  • Favorite Food: While she may not remember what she ate for breakfast yesterday, she will enjoy the pleasure of eating her favorite food in that moment. Did your mother have a favorite chocolate or dessert? Is there a snack or food that always took her back to her childhood? Regardless of her stage of dementia, she can still enjoy eating her favorite treats.


  • Fragrance: Did your mom have a signature perfume or have a favorite floral smell? Purchase a lotion or small bottle of perfume for her to enjoy. The fragrance may bring back memories, but even if it doesn’t, she will likely enjoy the fragrance.


  • Cozy Items: Purchase cozy non-slip slippers or a new throw for your mom to enjoy. She can enjoy the tactile feel of her new cozy items.


While it can be difficult to find a nice gift for an aging parent, you don’t have to pull your hair out. There are plenty of things she may enjoy, even if she is downsizing her home or is homebound. Do you have home run gifts that you’ve given your mom?





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