Convenience Tools for Aging Parents

Convenience Tools for Aging Parents

Roundup of My Favorite Convenience Tools for Aging Parents


As we get older, activities that used to be easy may become challenging due to changes to our body. If your aging parent lives alone at home, he or she may struggle with some of the basics that used to come easy. Conditions like arthritis may make it difficult to use our hands or we may struggle with balance issues.


If you are concerned that your aging parent is struggling with physical challenges that could impact their ability to function safely and easily at home, there are many tools that they can use to make life easier.


Tools for Your Aging Parent

As someone who struggles with joint pain, I can relate to some of the challenges our aging loved ones have. Simple tasks, like using a can opener can be a real challenge for me. Here are the types of gadgets I’ve used for myself, or items my former clients used to make life simpler at home.


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  1. Electric Can Opener: Long ago, I got rid of my electric can opener because I thought it would be better to have a manual can opener in case of an emergency. Now, I’m several years into my autoimmune condition and have gone back to an electric can opener because there have been too many times that I was unable to use the manual can opener due to hand and wrist pain.




  1. Step Stool: As we age, we can get smaller. If your aging parent is having to reach for items on a top shelf, they run the risk of losing their balance and falling. A nice sturdy step stool with a handle can help them maintain their balance.




  1. Reacher/Grabber: Maybe your aging parent doesn’t want to use a step stool, or maybe your aging parent has a tough time bending down to pick things up. A reacher is a great solution. A close friend just got one for her mom who broke her hip and is unable to bend and she uses it multiple times a day.




  1. Zipper Pull Up: This product is fantastic for people who have a tough time using their hands (I may get one for myself!). It will allow your aging parent to wear clothing that they may have been resistant to wear because of the challenge of pulling up a zipper.



  1. Jar Opener: Do you have trouble opening jars? It isn’t just a problem for our aging parents – jars are tough to open! If your aging parent lives alone, they don’t have someone to ask for help. The good news is, there are tools that can help.



  1. Doorbell/Telephone Flashing Light: I had a client who never heard her doorbell. We would ring the bell for 10 minutes and have to resort to calling her because she never heard us. If your aging parent can’t hear the doorbell or telephone, this is a pretty neat light up gadget.



It can be hard to ask for help when you’re used to living independently so gifting your aging parents these useful gadgets will be a pleasant surprise. They may not know that these tools exist, or be too embarrassed to ask for help so this is the perfect way to set your aging parent up for success at home.





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