Concerns for Our Aging Parents

 son_elderly_father_crutches_sk_140127_16x9_608As the saying goes, “We’re not getting any younger.” Suddenly, your mother or father can no longer keep up with the housework, or their car has a few more dents and dings than it had in the past. Are you and your parents prepared for this new reality?

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with the subtle decline as their situation has progressed, so the changes are gradual, rather than you swooping in like an unwanted superhero.

Of course, we all want to help, but how do we help without insulting our parents, or making them feel like we no longer trust their judgement? Something my customers always appreciated was when their kids did small things that made their day to day run more smoothly.

  • Can you hire a weekly cleaning service for them? Or better yet, send your teen over to help them with some of the more difficult chores? They get to spend time with their grandkids and get some help around the house. I had a 92 year old customer who used to stand on her dining room table to change light bulbs on her ceiling fan because she didn’t want to burden anyone. Can you imagine what would have happened if she lost her balance?
  • If you don’t live nearby, consider online grocery ordering for your parents. Several of my customers have children who place online grocery orders for them so they don’t have to find a way to get to the store. Not only does it help eliminate a trip to the store, but they also don’t have to carry the bags into the house. While that may not seem like a big deal to you, it is huge to them!

Are there other areas where you can be a superhero? Time to brainstorm with your family!



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