My Best Budgeting Tips for Caregivers

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Roundup of My Best Tips to Help Caregivers Cut Costs


Useful tips to help caregivers to save money.
Useful tips to help caregivers to save money.



If you are a caregiver to an aging parent or spouse with a chronic medical condition, you know how expensive it can be. In addition to the prescription co-pays and medical visit co-pays, there are always items that aren’t covered by insurance.


Just recently, I had an allergy attack that lasted three weeks. I purchased four different over-the-counter medications before finding the right one. If you have allergies, you know that allergy medication is no longer covered by insurance since it has been made over-the-counter. You also probably know that each medication costs at least $20. I tried four, so I spend $100 in one month just on allergy medication!


I am well-versed on the exhorbinant cost of medical care and accompanying costs. Just yesterday, I was telling my husband that I was annoyed by a particular doctor who runs at least one hour behind schedule. While it is a giant waste of my time, it is also expensive. I pay $20 for parking each time I see her. I can’t park at a meter on the street because I have no idea how long I will need to wait and the meters are only 2 hours. I also have a $25 co-pay. Each visit costs me $45.


I’ve gathered up some of my favorite cost-cutting tips to help you reduce your expenses in other areas to help with your budgeting.



My Favorite Budget Tips


  1. Shop the Dollar Store: I used to avoid the Dollar Store because I thought it was all just junk, until I took a few customers there and had a chance to look around. Did you know they sell name-brand toothpaste, dish soap and paper towels? I now make a trip there every so often to stock up on these necessities to save a few dollars on each.


  1. Use Local Free Resources: If you haven’t checked out your local senior center or public library for free classes, you need to drop everything and check them out immediately. You and your parents can take a number of free classes, rather than paying for classes elsewhere. Additionally, the library has a ton of free movie and music options to keep you entertained.


  1. Fixed Income Tips: I share several cost-cutting tips in this post – from shopping for in-season produce to unplugging appliances that are not in use.


  1. Senior Discounts: If you are over 60, you need to start using your senior discounts. Many chains offer varying discounts to seniors. This list includes travel, shopping and entertainment discounts, so start claiming your savings now!



Reducing your budget wherever you can will help you set aside money for your future. Many caregivers spend their own retirement savings caring for a loved one, leaving themselves with very little for their own future.





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