Celebrating Our Dads this Father’s Day

Celebrate dad on Father's Day.
Celebrate dad on Father’s Day.



Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. Let’s take a moment to honor those special men in our lives, who helped shape who we are. Our fathers teach us to be strong and caring and are the backbone of the family.
It can be tough to find a way to honor dad, since they don’t tend to need much, especially as they get older and have all the tools or barbecue gear they need. Here are some easy ways to honor dad this Father’s Day.


Before you run out and buy something, know that across the board, most every dad I know, from 30 – 100, just wants an expression of love. Here are some easy expressions of love that you and your children can do that will mean a lot to your dad:

  • Send him a heartfelt card or letter
  • Have a heart-to-heart phone call or video call
  • Spend time with him (share a meal, go to a movie, play golf, etc.)
  • Frame a family photo for him


If you also want to run out and shop, these are some preferred gifts by the 80+ set.



Is there something that your dad has that needs replacing or an upgrade? Sometimes they don’t even realize that they need something replaced. Here are some ideas:


  • Phone: Is your dad using an old cell phone that doesn’t take pictures or hold a charge? Consider getting him a new phone and a certificate for tutoring by you or your child to help him set it up and learn how to use it. If your dad has an old land-line but has a hard time dialing numbers, consider getting him a new phone with large buttons.


  • Gadgets: Is your dad having a difficult time with his manual can opener or TV remote due to arthritis or vision problems? Why not buy him a new, senior-friendly one? Are there other gadgets that are difficult for him to use or inefficient for a small household? My parents use a small crock pot when they are cooking for just the two of them, versus the larger one that they use when they are cooking for the entire family.


What other items around the house can you replace or upgrade?


Subscriptions and Restocking:

If your dad is widowed or elderly, chances are, he has a tough time shopping for groceries or necessities. Whether he is still driving or not, it can be difficult to get out and purchase items on a regular basis. Setting him up for a subscription service – whether for practical or luxury items – will be a nice treat. Here are some of the possibilities.


  • Food subscription service: Between fruit-of-the-month, CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes, snack food subscriptions or bacon of the month, you should be able to find something that would be a nice treat or necessity. He’ll enjoy getting a special delivery every month.


  • Luxury subscriptions: Has your dad always enjoyed trying new wine or beer? Why not consider a beer or wine of the month subscription? You can also consider a magazine or entertainment subscription that he may not splurge on for himself.


  • Entertainment: You can purchase a Netflix or Hulu subscription for your dad, provided you show him how to use it. You can also get him a Kindle Unlimited subscription so that he can read as many e-books as he’d like each month. This is great for a bookworm who doesn’t have transportation to the library or bookstore!


If you can’t afford an annual subscription or there isn’t a subscription that would work for your mom, you can always create your own with Amazon Subscribe and Save.


While it can be difficult to find a nice gift for an aging parent, you don’t have to pull your hair out. There are plenty of things he may enjoy, even if he is downsizing his home or is homebound. Do you have home run gifts that you’ve given your dad? My dad’s favorite gifts have been pictures of my kids and a garden stepping stone with my son’s hand print.







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