Top 5 Stories for Caregivers This Week

My favorite 5 caregiving stories this week
Roundup of top 5 stories for caregivers this week.



Happy Friday! Today, my sweet boy turns 7 so it is a big day in my house! We celebrate birthdays big! After school, I’ll be picking him up and taking him shopping with the gift cards he got at his party last weekend. I am savoring the time that is moving all too quickly.


I hope you’ve had an uneventful week with few challenges. Here are my five favorite caregiving stories this week.


Imitating Could Help Those with Dementia Relearn Actions:  This article reports on research that shows that people with dementia can re-learn actions through mimicking, much like babies learn. This is a wonderful discovery, as previously, it was thought that once something is forgotten, it can’t be re-learned.


Alzheimer’s Awareness Affects Families and Finances: At first, I was surprised to learn that people who have a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease put off retirement, however, after reading the article, I completely understand. The cost of caring for someone with dementia can be almost $60,000. It makes complete sense that those who have a family member with the condition would be aware of the expense and seek guidance from a financial planner and work for a longer period of time.


7 Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief: As someone who lives with chronic pain, I’m always in search of tips to reduce pain. These are very useful tips and I also found several other arthritis posts on the site, so you can poke around for more useful information.


Home Health Care Can Be Short- or Long-Term: This article provides a great overview of the differences between short- and long-term care and what the provider will do for the patient. Very useful information.


Kitchen Hacks for Aging Chefs: This article provides useful tips to help make cooking easier for the elderly. From using task lights to using a melon baller to de-seed peppers, these tips can be useful for cooks at any age. I also have healthy eating tips and cooking shortcuts.


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