Best Gifts for Carees

Roundup of My Favorite Gift Ideas for Carees


If you are stumped on what type of gift to get your caree (or any older adult), here are my favorite gift ideas that are perfect for people who don’t need extra stuff in the house.


gift guide from caregiver to caree

Consumable Gifts

If your loved one has limited space or one of everything, consumables are the perfect gift. They’ll be able to enjoy it and it won’t take up any space in their home. Here are some consumables that have been popular with my clients.


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Upgrade Gifts for Carees


Chances are, your loved one hasn’t bought new sheets, towels or home tools in a long time. If their items are looking ragged, consider picking up a replacement. Here are some great replacement items.









Upgrades and New Tools for Your Caree


If your caree lives alone, they may have issues performing some basic tasks at home. Not to worry, there are simple upgrades you can make to their existing tools to make living alone more manageable.











Luxury Gifts For Your Caree

I had a client who loved a high end moisturizer. She used it when she was younger, but as she got older, her budget didn’t allow for it. Her kids bought her a new jar for her birthday and Christmas so that she could still use her favorite product. She was thrilled that she could still use her favorite product.