About Me

Caregiving Made Easy - KathyHello there! I’m Kathy and I have spent the last seven years working with seniors and their families as a private transportation service provider in Los Angeles. In that role, I became an advisor to the adult children and their parents on everything from transportation needs, managing dementia care, dealing with depression due to loneliness and just navigating their new roles as caregiver and caree.


In addition to my work with seniors and caregivers, I am in a unique position of occasionally being the caree. I have a chronic illness that goes through flares and when I am in a flare, I need to learn to lean on my wonderful husband and accept support. It is incredibly difficult and humbling for someone with a Type A personality to admit to needing help. A positive spin is, it enables me to better understand the challenges seniors have in accepting their new role as caree.


I am a member of the Older Adult Task Force in Los Angeles, the Southern California Volunteer Driver Coalition and I have also received a certificate from the Schmeiding Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care.


I am a wife and mother of two young boys and have found joy in working with my seniors. I hope this website will be a destination for caregivers and seniors to learn how to adapt to the challenges and joys of caring for their parents.


If you have any questions, or would like to reach out to me, email me at:

caregivingmadeeasy @ gmail. com